European Alliance Against Depression | Europe & Chile

3 Dimensions of Care For Diabetes | UK

Mental Health First Aid | Capacity building | International

Big White Wall | eHealth | New Zealand & UK

Chain-Free Pasung Program | Indonesia

TEAMcare | Depression and NCDs in primary care | USA & Canada

Perinatal Mental Health Project | South Africa

BasicNeeds | Mental health and development | Africa & Asia

The Kintampo Project | Capacity building | Ghana

Mental Health in Primary Care Project, Lagos | Nigeria

Collaboration on Health and Technology (CHaT) | Global | Online community of practice for mental health & psychosocial support | Global

Project for the Identification and Treatment of Dementia in Sub-Saharan Africa

TrustCircle | Peer Support Network | Global

5 Pillars Approach to Maternal Psychosocial Well-Being | Pakistan

EMERALD | Research on scale-up | Africa & Asia

Viary | Digital technology for care | Sweden

The Biaber Project | Ethiopia

The Kenya integrated intervention model for dialogue and screening to promote children’s mental wellbeing (KIDS) | Australia, Ireland, USA

Dream-a-World Cultural Therapy for Primary School Children | Jamaica

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, Phase II | West Bank & Gaza Strip

Improving mental health care for young people using e-health | Afghanistan

Mental Health System Reform | Kosovo

Integration of mental health into general health services | Jamaica

Telehealth | Mental Health Integration Program | USA

e DATA K | e-learning technologies for substance use disorders | Kenya

Chain-Free Initiative | Somalia

The FaNs for Kids Project | Family interventions for developmental disorders | Pakistan

Collaborative Care Model | USA

Care Management Tracking Software Care Plan | USA & Canada

The Banyan | Community-based rehabilitation | India

The Wayo-Nero Strategy | Liaising with traditional healers | Uganda

Program for Screening, Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment of Depression | Chile

MoodGYM | Internet-based psychological therapy | Australia & UK

Meriden Family Program | Family interventions | UK

Time to Change | Anti-discrimination | UK

Gauteng Consumer Advocacy Movement | South Africa

Dementia Home Care Project | India

Primary Care 101+ | Integrated care for comorbidities | South Africa

Mental Health System Reform | Brazil

Thinking Healthy Programme Peer Delivery | Maternal depression | India & Pakistan

MANAS | CMD in primary care | India

Equilibrium | Biopsychosocial care for high-risk youth | Brazil

Clubhouse | Community-based centers | International

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies | UK

Psychosocial Care for Children in Conflict Areas | Africa & Asia

Pesticide Regulation | Suicide prevention | Sri Lanka

Thinking Healthy Programme | CHWs for maternal depression | Pakistan

Mental Health System Reform | Afghanistan

Mental Health System Reform | Jordan

PRIME | Mental health integration in primary care | Africa & Asia

HeartSounds | Peer support workers | Uganda

Community Based Rehabilitation for Severe Disorders | India

Care for People with Schizophrenia in India (COPSI)

National Capacity Building Program | Ethiopia

Orygen Youth Health | Australia

SCARF Tele-psychiatry in Puddukottai (STEP) | India

THIS WAY UP | Internet-based psychological therapy | Australasia & North America